Danny 'Zeus' Savery

  • 2x Pan American No-Gi Champion
  • 2x New York International Open Jiu-Jitsu Champion
  • 5x NAGA No-Gi Champion
  • 2015 Grapplers Quest No Gi Champ
  • 2015 NAGA NY Gi 2nd Place
  • 2014 Artechoke Media Instructor of the Year
  • 2013 IBJJF Montreal Open Champion
  • 2012 IBJJF Phoenix Open 3rd place
  • 2012 IBJJF New York Open 2nd place
  • 5x NAGA North American Grappling Gi Champion
  • 2011 IBJJF Boston Open Champion
  • 2010 Gracie Open Champion
  • 2008 AGC Grappling Champion
  • 2008 2nd Place NAGA New England
  • 2008 3rd Place North East Martial Arts Challenge
  • 2006 Dragon’s Lair Grappling Challenge 9 Champion
  • 2006 Dragon’s Lair Grappling Challenge 10 Champion
  • 2006 Worcester Classic Karate Tournament Champion
  • 2006 Southern N. East Karate Champion
  • 2006 East Coast Nationals Champion
  • 2006 2nd Place NAGA World
  • 1995 2nd Place 9th U.S. Cup TKD Championship
  • 1995 3rd Place N. East Moo Duk Kwan Open
  • 1996 Whaling City Open Champion
  • 1996 New Hampshire State Tae Kwon Do Champion
  • 1996 North American Elite Tae Kwon Do Champion
  • 1996 2nd Place Mass State Tae Kwon Do Championship


Danny has produced BJJ champions, winning titles in all major tournaments. He is IBJJF Referee Certified, IBJJF Black Belt Certified, USBJJF Black Belt Certified. Danny was a professional Mixed Martial Arts fighter in 2006. In 2009, Danny became an AFAA Certified Personal Trainer and is CPR certified. Danny retired from the Tiverton Police Dept where he was a Full-Time Police Officer. Danny also is a Defensive Tactics Instructor for the Rhode Island Police Academy and the Tiverton Police Department. Danny worked for the Mass Department of Correction for five years and was a member of the Tactical Response Team. He is the founder of the Best Way BJJ Combatives program.


Other Certifications Include:

· Best Way Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Certified Instructor · Best Way Jiu-Jitsu Combatives Instructor

· Smith & Wesson PPCT Certified Instructor · L.E. Press Certified Instructor

· Gracie Survival Tactics Certified Instructor

CPR Certified