3 reasons why families should train Martial Arts

A family that trains together stays together

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Its a great family bonding activity


Because we often get so caught up with life, we tend to neglect our family, and sometimes end up not spending enough quality time together. Well, that can change, if you and your family work out together. Think about it: you’ll all plan your training schedule in advance and set aside the required time to regularly attend classes together.

What’s more, it’s the perfect opportunity to bond with your kids and establish a deeper connection that can last through the years.


Help the whole family get in shape

Your martial arts journey doesn’t have to be a solo one. In fact, it’s more fun when your family goes along for the ride. Besides giving you bonding time with your kids, training martial arts together would help your family to get stronger together!

There’s no doubt that your family will reap physical benefits such as better flexibility and greater strength. But did you know that the benefits go further than that? You’ll all also gain confidence and be able to stay focused. What’s more, the endorphins that get released by your brains as you all work out would boost your mood. So expect to have heaps of fun and feel great after every training session!

It strengthens the RELATIONSHIP of the family

As we mentioned earlier, training time would also be family bonding time if you train together with your kids. After all, a family that trains together, stays together! This is because you’d all be there for each other, to celebrate the small victories and cheer each other on during competitions. Or perhaps, just be there to encourage one another to press on during tough times.

Danny "Zeus" Savery

owner and Head Instructor, Danny Savery Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Instructor Savery was a Law Enforcement Officer for 15 yrs and taught Combatives for the RI Police Academy.

He was a professional MMA Competitor and has many BJJ Titles. 2x IBJJF Pan American No Gi Champion, 2x IBJJF NY Open GI Champion,

Danny Savery