Injury Prevention

Tap early Tap Often, Stretch and Warm up

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Tap Early Tap Often

When ever you are in an uncomfortable situation, whether you are having a hard time breathing or in a submission. Tap! It will immediately stop. Do not wait to get an injury and then tap. Its o.k. to be competitive but not at the risk of injury. Remember training in the academy is just practice.


Before every class we will stretch. Make sure you are trying to improve your stretch every training session. Don’t just go through the motions waiting for it to be over. Also stretching at home will greatly improve your flexibility and help reduce any injury.

Warm up

Before every class we drill. This is to review techniques but also to warm up your body to prepare you for training. You can also come in before class and warm up on your own. This is essential in keeping your body healthy and keeping the techniques sharp.

Danny "Zeus" Savery

owner and Head Instructor, Danny Savery Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Instructor Savery was a Law Enforcement Officer for 15 yrs and taught Combatives for the RI Police Academy.

He was a professional MMA Competitor and has many BJJ Titles. 2x IBJJF Pan American No Gi Champion, 2x IBJJF NY Open GI Champion,

Danny Savery